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Spystock Keywords

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Spystock Keywords

€49 €34.30
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Spystock Keywords is a Google Spreadsheet with over 12.000 keywords and search results from POND5 Stock Footage Agency.

Very useful tool for optimize your catalog and to find new ideas about what to shoot.

With this tool you can easily know wich are to most searched keywords and wich have less results.

You can have this useful tool at the price of just one sell in the Stock Footage Agencies.

Don't loose this opportunity!

If you have questions write to spystockeyword@gmail.com


Monitor the market

Most video creators are completely blind to what market wants. But using Spystock Keywords you can easily analyze which are most searched keywords and which have less competition.

Understand what to produce

Not sure what video you should create? Or maybe you have an idea but you need to know the market potential before investing time and money?

Using Spystock Keywords you can find keywords in your niche.


Do I need programming skills to use Spystock Keywords effectively? No. All data is made available through Google Sheet and thus it's easy to create custom filters without coding skills.

Is the data always up-to-date? No, all data is cached. For most use-cases it won't make a big difference. However, if you have a particularly time-sensitive use-case, Spystock Keywords is probably not the right tool for you. But if this the case for you, we'd love to hear about your use-case.

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I want this!

Access to a spreadsheet with over 12000 search terms and results

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